- Dec 14, 2013
If you have someone on your Christmas list who thinks everything is better with a little or a lot of bling, then this list of crystal gifts is definitely for you and them.

Steal the show and grab everyone’s eye with these crystallized looks, automobiles, toys and gadgets. Don’t just bling out your phone case, have all your tech cases sitting in the lap of luxury with bedazzled cases for your phone to your laptop. Step up your crystal game with posh pumps littered with jewels that are impossible to ignore and add some glam to your kitchen with a crystallized culinary utensils. Even the smallest things like a USB cable can be completed in glitter and gems.

From lavish Loubi’s dressed in Swavroski crystals to DIY jewelry accented jackets, this list has all the crystal gifts the blinged out heart desires.

From Bedazzled Buggies to Swavroski Champagne Bottles: