From Bejeweled Buggies to Crystal Covered Convertibles

 - Jan 11, 2014
Have everyone point and stare when you roll out of your driveway in one of these crystal-encrusted cars.

A drop top and a premium white Cadillac aren't the only kind of automobiles holding all the praise. Classic and timeless vehicles are given a run for their money with these bedazzling gems now on the automotive scene. Cars covered from roof to back tire with Swarvoski crystals are the kind of automobiles that will make an unforgettable statement. You'll want to stop saving up for that 1966 coupe DeVille once you set your eyes on the posh and undeniable crystal covered Cadillac that makes every jaw drop. These automobiles were built for the attention-grabbers of the road.

Crystal-encrusted cars are the fashionable way of the fast-tracking automotive future.