The Aerofex Flying Bike Goes at Lightning Speed

 - Aug 26, 2012
References: youtube & gizmodo
The people over at Aerofex have developed a fully functioning Aerofex flying bike. This is not a joke, and the video proves that the creation is flawless.

Aerofex is a company out in Manhattan Beach, California, that has been developing this flying bike for a while. The bike does not work on any kind of anti-gravity device, but rather a series of powerful fans and a special control scheme. The bike can be easily operated by anyone, without any form of training. 

The featured video was shot in the Mojave Desert, and the bike is reported to reach speeds up to 30mph and can reach heights of 15 feet above the ground.

Plans are in order to sell the design to the military first, before it will be available to the public. One thing is for sure: Star Wars fans around the world must be losing their minds right now!