Shing02 then-n-now Music Video Shows How Technology is Isolating

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: e22 & tokyomango
The Shing02 then-n-now music video shows how the technology and gadgets that are meant to keep people connected actually isolate them from their immediate environment. Rapper Shing02 uses a split screen to portray 'then' -- a time before technology became so integrated into day-to-day lives -- and 'now,' a time when most people can't imagine leaving the house without a cellphone or iPod.

One side is a romantic love story where two young people spark a connection, while the other side portrays a boring day where two people were too caught up in their various gadgets to interact with each other. Set to the song 'Out of Your Element' by The Attic Ends, the Shing02 then-n-now music video yearns for a time when connecting with others was as simple as looking up from a book.