From Masculine Mustached Cufflinks to Ironic Lumberjack Tees

 - Nov 21, 2013
While this stereotype might get a lot of flack, hipster fashion has definitely caught on, especially when it comes to editorial styling. This way of dressing often intersects with grunge and is often described as being hobo chic or lumberjack like. That being said, hipster fashion can also be considered haute or paired with collegiate clothing. A sense of irony is often at play, as are hats like beanies and colorfully-printed snap backs.

Many of these examples focus on all the previously mentioned aspects. Some also allude to the presence of facial hair and wayfarer eye glasses frames, which are both a popular part of a hipster look. Some of the featured clothing reference hipster slang and a love of music festivals. In many photo shoots, hipster styles are portrayed by different ages, like children and the elderly.