'G.H. Bass&Co' Uses a Dressed Lincoln to Represent Penny Loafers

 - Aug 17, 2013
References: ghbass & adsoftheworld
Penny loafers have been around for ages; it is a practical shoe that can be worn with many different styles of outfits. 'G.H. Bass&Co' has updated the classic shoe, and they have utilized Abraham Lincoln to assist them with their ads.

In this campaign, a model is shown wearing a penny loafer, and adjacent to the model is a penny. Since Lincoln is the President featured on the coin, it is his face that is the focus. Lincoln is dressed is hipster garb, and the coin is paralleling the look of the model's shoes.

The slogan of this campaign is 'Power to the Penny,' and it is perfectly juxtaposed between the actual coin and the shoe. G.H. Bass&Co have created a great way to advertise their penny loafers.