The Blind Date Shirt by George Mccallum is Vividly Patterned

Entitled 'The Blind Date Shirt', this hipster-approved garment is the creative work of the talented George Mccallum. The London based illustrator and designer presents his latest project that incorporates his modern art sketches along with crisp and classic tailoring techniques.

'The Bling Date Shirt' by George Mccallum is a men's garment that transcends both age and gender. The classic collared shirt boasts an impeccably cut construction that is reminiscent of a retro style aesthetic.

Displayed on bright white fabric, the artist's vivid illustrations of two male and female pairs are repeated throughout the fabric and showcased in bright hues of turquoise, pale yellow, violet and peachy pink. Whether worn by the eccentrically older style setter or a youthful consumer with an eye for pattern, this vibrant shirt design is undeniably and effortlessly cool.