The 'I Want to Be a Lumberjack' Tee is Perfect for Quirky and Hip Men

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: badtastefactory & lostateminor
The 'I Want to Be a Lumberjack' t-shirt from Bad Taste Factory is a witty way to express lumberjack love through fashion. Bad Taste Factory specializes on creating funny silk-screened graphic tees featuring comical, and often raunchy, messages. This lumberjack tee is no different. The t-shirt displays a burly, bearded lumberjack sitting placidly on a tree stump while holding a rifle. In carefree, cartoonish letters, the t-shirt proclaims: "Being hipster is so hipster. So I decided to be a lumberjack."

This t-shirt pokes fun at how hipster culture, a subculture meant to be alternative, has drifted into the mainstream. With this t-shirt, anti-hipster men can begin a new fad, one featuring lumberjack fashion. They'll probably have to buy a lot of plaid and firearms, but it will be so worth it.