- Jan 31, 2014
These ironic fashions trends show fashion doesn’t always have to take itself so seriously. These fashion trends poke fun at just about everything you can think of, but trains its eye specifically on pop culture. Nothing is safe and any slang or inside joke used by youth these days will soon be turned into the next ironic fashion craze.

Fashionistas can make their mark on the street wear market with ironic fashions because irony is so in these days. These fashion styles take the normal and re-work it into the abnormal with a bit of apathy and a lot of humor mixed in. The irony behind a shirt saying ‘sloth running team’ is so prevalent it’s almost palpable. Make your friends jealous by showing you know what all the new in-style fashions are while also showing you know about pop culture -- two birds, one stone.

From Sloth Gamer Apparel to Bad Advice Tees: