This Mustache Shirt From Romwe is Lip Scratchingly Loud

 - Dec 16, 2013
References: romwe
Movember my be over, but with this mustache shirt, you never have to stop loving ironic facial hair. Show what a hip hair-loving lady you are with this colorful clothing. Now you too can have a mustache even if gender roles say you shouldn't.

The brightly multicolored top is everything a furry face enthusiast could want. It is also a perfect blend of everything hipster. Ironic hair growth, triangles and flashy galaxy-like colors.

The mustache shirt has many hues on it in a dotty splattered kind of pattern. Blues are on the top, a little green is in the middle and purples and pinks are on the bottom. In the middle is a big, black, handlebar mustache. Around the famous facial hair is a light triangle.

This top is longer in the back than it is in the front, meaning not only is it a mustache shirt it is also a mullet shirt. Two hipster hairstyles for the price of one!