These Slightly Wrong Quotes Shirts are Ironically Humorous

Movie quotes are common fodder for graphic tees, but Slightly Wrong Quotes are adding an ironic twist to an iconic favorite. These Slightly Wrong Quotes T-shirts take iconic movies and their iconic lines and get them hilariously wrong. But only slightly.

Star Wars' famous greeting 'May the force be with you' becomes 'May a force be in you' for a funny double meaning. Joey from Friends has his iconic 'How you doin'?' over-corrected into 'How are you going?' and, perhaps the greatest fumble of them all, The Ghostbusters' famous 'Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!' gets delightfully mangles into 'How are you going to telephone? Ghostbuster!'

These Slightly Wrong Quotes T-shirts funny, ironic and bound to get a good chuckle out of any movie buff and pop culture nerd.