These Comfy Garments are Screened With Photographs of Food

 - May 28, 2013
References: firebox
What better way to show your love for burgers than with one of these graphic hamburger t-shirts? Wearing one of these slim-fitting t's is the easiest way to show the world you love fast food and you're not afraid to show it.

To wear a shirt as graphic as this, you really have to love your lunch. These hamburger t-shirts are silkscreened with a close-up photograph of a juicy hamburger. If you aren't hungry before you put this on, you will be as soon as you look in the mirror. The bun and the patty on the shirt are vibrant and the single green leaf of lettuce stands out. Wearing a hamburger t-shirt could be slightly offensive if you're hanging out with vegetarians; unless of course, you're being ironic. In which case, wear with confidence.