The Amazing Onomatopoeic Hipster Dress is the Star of this Shoot

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: fashioneditorials
It's not every day that you're able to find onomatopoeia-themed clothing, so the hipster dress in this fashion editorial is quite the fantastic find. The brilliant dress is featured in photographer Asia Typek's recent exclusive editorial with model Alicia Davis.

The dress itself is the star of the photo shoot, with cartoon-style captions and classic sounds depicted. The style of the captions is reminiscent of the original Batman cartoon that always featured the pop-up onomatopoeia captions to emphasize the sound effects of the fighting between Batman and his foes. The hipster dress is just the right amount of pop-culture and chic design to become a hit in urban fashion neighborhoods. Davis does a wonderful job at conveying an edgy persona that perfectly fits the theme of the editorial.