Denim & Leathers' Storm Cloth Trench Coat is a Top Secret Snatch

If there’s anything we’ve learned about hipsters by now, it’s that those who like to be on the cutting-edge of style and fashion tend to have some sort of fixation with living in another cooler time, and so this Storm Cloth Trench Coat by Denim & Leathers’ is sure to be an instant hit with anyone belonging to this fashion-forward, yet vintage-loving crowd.

Crafted from a rigid hand-picked Asian denim and accented with a stunning warm brown leather collar, this Storm Cloth Trench Coat looks like it’s straight out of a film noir movie from the 1950’s and I’m sure that’s just what its wearers would like to think.

Lightweight and very durable, the Storm Cloth Trench Coat comes with a removable Swiss Melton wool liner just in case your ultra cool style is getting too chilly for even your own comfort.