The LRG Skate Video is 90s-Neon and Inspired by Gasper Noe

 - Mar 24, 2012
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The LRG skate video opens with a neon strobe light, bringing audiences close to seizure. The video documents the LRG skate team's recent tour through Japan, following riders through their best ripped sessions. The opening segment of the video was inspire by Gasper Noe's 'Enter the Void.' The film follows a dead drug dealer through a stoned Japan, frequenting flashing neons and LSD-ridden scenery. Similarly, the 'Skate the Void' LRG preview opens with the riders names strobing in neons, squiggles and typography.

The video features the skate team, including Rodrigo TX, Chico Brenes, Karl Watson, Kelly Hart, Felipe Gustavo and Masataka Yamashiro. Each team member shows off their gnarly style, creating both intimidation and inspiration for any amateur skater.