Red Letter Media Re-Releases Star Wars Review in 3D

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: redlettermedia & facebook
Not to be outdone by George Lucas, Red Letter Media has converted their infamous viral 70-minute Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace review into a 3D viewing experience. All you need is a pair of classic red and blue 3D glasses and an Internet connection in order to enjoy the humorous and insightful critique of cinema’s biggest disappointment. Though it may not enhance the overall experience of watching the review, that’s kind of the point Mike Stoklasa, the founder of Red Letter Media, is making about the newly re-released Star Wars film that’s currently in theaters.

Red Letter Media surprised fans with the remade review in an event they called ‘Phantom Phriday.’ Accompanying the video is newly released backstage footage, as well as a commentary track for those interested in hearing the production company’s laugh-inducing thoughts on Jar Jar Binks and company.