The 'Living is a Gamble' Video by Graham Dunn is Carefree

The ‘Living is a Gamble’ video by Graham Dunn is carefree and 70s-inspired. This phenomenal short story is Graham Dunn’s third and Ben Trovator’s second film. This video tells the story of a day in the life of two best friends who live to be young and wild.

The models Kelley Ash and Jenny Sirney are pictured embracing the Californian sun in vintage clothing as they dance, drink and swim throughout the afternoon. The video captures the girls laughing and playing as they drink cans of Budweiser poolside and lounge in the water. The models are styled by Wild at Heart with hair and makeup is by Juxta. The film features music by Nick Drake, called ‘Blues Run the Game,’ and is nostalgic of the 70s lifestyle.