From Kaleidoscopic T-Shirt Designs to Gilded Lithography Leggings

 - Jul 22, 2014
From Versace's urban opulence attire to British designer Katie Eary's kaleidoscopic couture, these baroque streetwear finds celebrate over-the-top prints and graphic motifs. This vast list ranges from vivid fashion items to eye-catching editorials that have graced some of the world's most recognized publications.

After its return to the runway stage, baroque streetwear is gaining popularity with its vivid prints and graphic imagery that takes its inspiration from history and pop culture. Whether referencing historical architecture and priceless artworks or self-obsessed rapper Kanye West's vision, these opulent fashions are guaranteed to get one noticed.

Standouts from this list include Pixie Market's gold sequin knee socks that are inspired by luxe runway accessories. The statement socks transform one's outfit and are a fresh take on schoolgirl styling. Other examples include Versace's glam studded jackets and motorcycle helmets along with Ksubi's architecture inspired statement tees.