The Human Ken Doll is Unnaturally Beautiful

 - Oct 15, 2012
References: odditycentral
Beauty can be hard to attain, as Justin Jedlica, a.k.a. the Human Ken Doll, has demonstrated through his many intensive surgeries that have costed him thousands and thousands of dollars.

At only 32 years old, the young Jedlica has undergone 90 cosmetic procedures within the last ten years on which he spent approximately $100,000. Even though for many this may seem as quite a lot to go through just to attain the ultimate body, Jedlica is quoted as saying "I love to matamorphosize myself, and the stranger the surgery the better." He views his surgeries as a positive transformation that helps him achieve the glamorous look of what he understands as "perfection."

The Human Ken Doll serves as a reminder that there are people willing to go to extreme lengths for beauty.