From Damaged Doll Ads to Doe-Eyed Doll Ads

 - Oct 27, 2013
While Barbies and porcelain dolls are often the most cherished toys of little girls, these eerie doll advertisements are showcasing that plastic figurines can portray a very spooky visual image.

There's something alluring about dolls and dressing them up that children, especially girls, just can't seem to get enough of. When kids grow up however, that allure and excitement surrounding dolls often fades, turning these playful toys into ordinary plastic items. What makes these dolls become so frightening is when movie directors and advertisers give these toys voices and personalities, eerily transforming them into frighteningly surreal characters.

From wide-eye toy campaigns to ads that feature dolls dressed-up like humans, these eerie doll advertisements will surely make an impression with their spooky toy references.