The LEGO Inception Video is Mind Blowing and Remarkable

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: vimeo & highsnobiety
Produced by a group of British students for an academic project, the LEGO Inception video reproduces some of the greatest scenes from this iconic film. Using visual editing and 3D rendering, the students have created a stunning cinematic replica in LEGO form.

The project has highlighted some of the most memorable scenes from the mind-boggling Christopher Nolan film. The exploding cafe scene with Cobb and Ariadne is rendered beautifully using hundreds of LEGO pieces—might I say the detonating surroundings look even better in toy block form. Another notable incident is the gravity-defying hallway battle between Arthur and Fischer’s projection. While Gordan-Levitt looks much more heroic and hunky in the original production than in block form, the scene itself is done remarkably accurately.

The LEGO Inception video takes you through the cryptic and mind-blowing film in an 8-bit reality.