The Death Set 'They Come to Get Us' Video is Bizarre and Pop Icon-Ridden

 - Mar 23, 2012
References: thedeathset & vimeo
The Death Set is a Baltimore-based pop-punk techno spazz duo, creating hyperactive party music for kids. The band recently released 'They Come to Get Us' from their latest record, Michel Poiccard. The band's sound is a mash-up of the Beastie Boys, Justice and eardrum-puncturing punk rock.

The music video for The Death Set's new single is a brain-melting visual. The video opens with an alien space man from the planet Funkin' takes over the front man's mind. The scene then shifts to Dan Walker leading a cartooned pop-icon army through the streets of New York. It appears that pop culture is finally having its revenge on its consumers, wreaking havoc and setting fires.

The video was directed by Guillaume Panariello. The post production work of the video is overwhelmingly impressive, allowing such complexity for a three minute video.