From Speedy Aging Videos to DIY Guides to the Craft

 - May 15, 2012
The painstaking precision and attention to detail exuded in the making of stunning stop motion shorts presents an outcome that is both visually appealing and respect-garnering.

The ability of a filmmaker to create a two-minute-long animation that could have required hours, days or even years worth of footage (a la Planet Earth) requires determination, a steady hand and one heck of a good tripod. However, the intensive process required to create a sequence that speeds up the passage of time can be breathtaking, if done effectively.

This style of shooting is now no longer reserved solely for documentary makers or indie film students, as its popularity has filtered into multiple other artistic ventures. Advertising agencies and music video directors have begun to dabble in the medium, as have artists who are now using the technique to merge multiple types of media to create something truly eye-catching.