The Outlaw Freelancers 56sec Tee Video Applies Old School Graphics

 - May 14, 2010
References: outlawfreelancers
The Outlaw Freelancers are famous for their hand crafted T-Shirt art and they are now translating these old school graphic techniques into videos. The first video in the series is called the 'Outlaw Freelancers 56sec Tee.'

"After spending so many years behind a computer, we felt we had to break away. Graphic art is becoming so busy and overworked… We really wanted to bring back simplicity," says Arvid Skaldmaer, Outlaw Freelancer and Co-Mythical Founder.

The t-shirt brand wanted to move away from popular 3D and CGI animation. According to Gunnhild Oyehaug, another Co-Mythical Founder, "Stop frame animation just feels so much more honest!"

Outlaw Freelancers is a premium menswear fashion and art brand based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which will be launching in selected boutiques this summer. Keep an eye out for them!