Nokia N-Gage Ad Uses 1000 People

 - Apr 26, 2008
References: neatorama
What happens when life imitates computer games? The Human Snake happens! The stop-motion video is actually a viral ad for the Nokia N-Gage campaign.

Despite it being an ad, the Human Snake video is so well done, it's a welcome addition to Trend Hunter's collection of stop-motion videos, some of which can be seen below.

It was created by Get Out And Play who have an awesome "making of" portion on their site.

"Snake is a mobile gaming classic - in fact it is the most played computer game of all time," Get Out and Play says. "So why not get out and play the snake for real?

"And no, we are not using any special effects or computer graphics. It is just 1000 people moving in the street - frame by frame and step by step."

It's a fun video, and all set to a Mario-style soundtrack.

Here's some more cool stop motion: