Aging Angelina Video

 - Sep 20, 2007
This video simulates a time lapse, showing the artist's vision of what Angelina Jolie, 32, will look like as she ages into an old woman. The entire process took YouTube user Mohafoto four hours and 21 minutes to complete using Adobe PhotoShop. The video slowly shows the actress become wrinkled and gaunt to the soothingly sad tune of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Mohafoto has done a lot of celebrity art, including other time lapse videos. He's also willing to make custom photos. "If you would like to have a speed-drawing and a high resolution digital drawing of yourself, your friend or your favourite celebrity just follow next three simple steps," he says. The steps include submitting a photo, an offer, a bid and a payment. "You can decide about the length of the speed drawing (max.10min.) and the music. And if you wish, I can make a VOB file which you can write on a DVD disk."

If you think this is interesting, you'll enjoy the age progression software we featured earlier this year... It's mandate is to show you the impact of smoking in order to convince you to quit your nasty habit: