- Aug 19, 2012
This collection of age fast-forwarding documentations follows the transformation of people from childhood to adulthood.

To know just how much (or how little) something has changed, comparisons must be made over the years. Obviously many aspects of one’s life change during the transition from child to adult, but a picture is something that can be easily recreated. Photographer Irina Werning was especially fascinated with recreating childhood photos—she shot three separate collections of people who posed in the same positions, with the same props and sporting the same clothing.

With time passing so slowly, it is difficult to notice the physical transformation of a loved one on a day-by-day basis. With only a little effort and attic digging, reenacting old photos is a creative way to reminisce about the past.

From Aging Time-Lapse Videos to Awkward Photo Reenactments: