These Pre-Photoshop Pinup Girls by UlkaCurl are Eye Openers

 - Apr 11, 2011
References: ulkacurl.livejournal & ca.gizmodo
With the magic of Photoshop today, magazine covers of celebrities merely resemble what these celebs really look like in real life, like these pre-Photoshop pinup girls. The flawless, glowing skin, invisible wrinkles, and disappearing skin spots are the desirable features editors endlessly strive to achieve, but in reality, they are barely even attainble. Even before the age of photoshop, images from photoshoots were ‘beautified’ with the age-old paintbrush and paint. These images show painstaking changes that make some women transform into blondes with completely different hairstyles, posture, and settings. On the bright side, the edits do add a splash of colour into the rather dull black and whites, leaving an impressive picturesque image fit for any vintage collector. The pre-Photoshop pinup girls prove that you don’t really need Photoshop to beautify your images when you can always rely on paint, paintbrush and your artistic intuitions.

Check out the whole gallery of the before and after images of these pre-Photoshop pinup girls.