Seeing the World in Flashes, from Nature to Everyday Activities

 - May 7, 2012
Videos and film have a big impact on most people but it's not the same with time-lapse discoveries where life goes by at a slower pace.

Time-lapse photography and video are a fascinating way to demonstrate the changing landscape of time and nature. Thunder and lightning storms are always a catch with time-lapse technology where everything slows down to show viewers the break down of lightning speed action. Most of us don't have enough time to sit and watch something grow or pass by, but with technology to save us this trouble, people can see alterations from start to finish.

What's great about time-lapsing technology is the ability to see the evolution of life, whether it's man-made or natural, people are able to witness change. It's similar to those flash page books that fascinated us as kids. These time-lapse discoveries will show viewers the slowed down version from storms to aging processes to nature.