Dominic Boudreault Shoots Huge Urban Environments at Night

 - May 14, 2011
References: dominicboudreault & feelguide
Dominic Boudreault is a unique french photographer who calls himself a "motion photographer." Boudreault travels the world to find the perfect shot where pictures can do so much more than words ever could. He is driven by the beauty and the speed of the world, which he showcases in his work.

Dominic Boudreault's latest work is an amazing tilt-shift video that captures the awesomeness of Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Manhattan, and Chicago. He combines the cities together with epic music from Hans Zimmer to create this vivid display of urban architecture.

Dominic Boudreault also takes time to include some serene shots of the outskirts of the city. He tracks the stars over long periods of time for some awesome sightseeing.