From Distorted Drawings to Terrific Typography Artist Tributes

 - Jan 8, 2012
Celebrity art is the greatest display of the modern-day obsession with all things celebrity culture. Each of these mind-blowing depictions, whether in edible form, typography, painting or even hyper-realistic paintings have escalated to viral status, appearing on desktop backgrounds, living room walls and other such places where they can be celebrated.

While some are parodies, many of these works of art are alarmingly true to form and the intricate detail with which they were made is truly astounding. Whatever their goal may be, these depictions serve to solidify each subject's icon status in popular culture. Whether dead or alive, these icons are valued by their fans and awe-worthy replications are a staple in modern consumer culture. From Marilyn Monroe to Elvis, John Lennon and even Barack Obama, celebrity art is everywhere.