Serge Birault Uses Photorealism for Surreal Images

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: papaninja.deviantart & designlov
If you've been to an amusement park, chances are you've seen poorly drawn caricatures, but Serge Birault's caricatures truly demonstrate what exaggerated celebrity portraits could be. Combining his amazing talent for photorealism with his whimsical sensibilities, he's able to create these kooky illustrations of some of your favorite female stars in zany unbelievable scenarios.

Serge Birault is a French pin-up artist and as you can see from this gallery, his attention to real-life detail is second to none. My favorite caricature of the bunch is the one featuring Gong Li, the famous Chinese actress, hanging out in some tropical location with a book in hand accompanied by a massive squid tentacle.

Implications - Consumers enjoy caricatures because they often depict recognizable figures with exaggerated and funny features. The humor these caricatures induce satiates consumer desire for diversions from their stressful everyday lives. Corporations may consider using caricatures or other lighthearted aesthetics in their media campaigns in order to garner consumer attention.