Luka Maeder Captures the Urban Pioneers of Cool

 - Mar 18, 2011
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There's something about portraits of celebrities being goofy and genuine that invokes a connection much close than anything a fashion or magazine spread could create. Lukas Maeder is one of those photographers who captures well-known figures in their human essence.

Lukas Maeder's work consists of several portraits of skateboarders and some of the most influential hip-hop MCs. Forgoing low-riders, police cars, and firearms, Maeder's photographs of rappers shows a different theme of hip-hop images that's mature and even amusing at times. He's also taken captivating aerial shots of skateboarders in action as they ollie and kick-flip their decks. Maeder's celebrity portraits have included individuals such as Tony Hawk, Jay Electronica, RZA, Redman, and Methodman.

Lukas Maeder also has several other incredible photos in his portfolio which can be seen on his official website.