- Jan 26, 2013
The term "sexy suspenders" might seem like an oxymoron if you think of the pant-holding accessory in the traditional geeky context. However, getting a look at some of these sexy starlets wearing suspenders will quickly change that idea.

These editorials all feature suspenders in their own ways. Azealia Banks, a rapper from Harlem who is known for her fashion forward choices, chose to wear suspenders in her 'Luxury' video and pulled it off without a hitch. By doing so, she disproves the myth that suspenders are only for men.

Speaking of men, the look among young men for years now has been sagging pants. Just walk down the street and you'll see young men with their pants sagging below their waist line. There's a pair of suspenders specifically designed to enable such style choices, as they connect the pants to the underwear waist.

From Hipster Looks to Sexy Suspenders: