The L'Equipe 'Boot Camp' Spread by Richard Phibbs

 - Dec 9, 2009
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The L’Equipe ‘Boot Camp’ spread, which appears in the magazine’s Sport & Style supplement of Issue #19, tells a classic story: a man bids farewell to his wife to attend training camp with his boys, presumably in preparation for a war.

Photographed by Richard Phibbs, the L’Equipe Boot Camp editorial features models Chad White, Kerry Degman, Caleb Halstead, Ryan Bertroche, Chris L., and Jenry B. The styling, by Luciano Neves, is impeccable and reminiscent of real war eras gone by, with the male models sporting suspenders, henleys, and khaki cargo jackets. As the males engage in their ‘boot camp,’ their tops appropriately come off (excuse me while I click through this gallery again).