Jonyum Illustrates Musicians in Paint-Dripping Style

 - Jun 20, 2011
References: jonyum.deviantart & urhajos.tumblr
You have to hand it to deviantART user Jonyum for being able to paint famous musicians with such strong resemblances while simultaneously having paint seemingly dripping everywhere. After all, most artists try to prevent their canvas from being overly streaky, but Jonyum embraces the streaming paint and uses it to his advantage in creating a style that is visually stunning and simultaneously inventive.

Jonyum is a Russian artist currently residing in Toronto, Canada, and as you can see from these three pictures, he's quite a music fan. Featured in these picture-perfect illustrations are Paul McCartney of the legendary Beatles, Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree and George Craig of the band One Night Only. British rock fan and a kickass artist to boot, is there any reason anyone can hate on Jonyum?