- Aug 29, 2013
This collection of trends are inspired by Thriller by Michael Jackson and pay homage to what would be the late King of Pop's 55th birthday. The Thriller Album was one of the most successful artistic works of all time. The single by the same name was groundbreaking in terms of music videos, storytelling and dance.

Given everything MJ contributed to the dance community, it is only fitting that many of these trends are movement-related. This includes prisoners recreating the iconic moves, hybrid street dances and other organized recreations. Thriller by Michael Jackson also had a profound effect on fashion. This can be seen in the form of sparkly gloves, red leather jackets with gold military-esque detailing, red and black high top sneakers. Several pop culture tributes have also been made, including Lady Gaga's cross-dressing impersonation.

From Dancing Inmates to Imitation-Busting Ads: