Powerpig Takes Cinematic Re-Creations Into Abstract Unchartered Territory

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: society6 & urhajos.tumblr
I'm sure you've seen a bunch of LEGO parodies online, but Powerpig's brand of LEGO scene recreations borderlines on genuine artistry. Recreating Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller video isn't that out of the norm, but placing a bunch of LEGO Stormtrooper heads into a bowl of milk to emulate cereal certainly got my attention.

Powerpig also likes incorporating his chipmunk friend into several of these LEGO scene creations and it only ups the hilarity of the pictures. If you like these Powerpig creations enough, you can even get them as decals and phone cases.

Implications - Consumers enjoy the act of crafting because they feel the items created have added intrinsic value. Corporations may similarly follow in the footsteps of LEGO and manufacture a product that actively allows users the ability to create their own goods.