Spanish Artist Berto Martinez Draws Public Figures for Magazines

Barcelona-based artist Berto Martinez has developed a distinctive way of illustrating celebrities and public figures that has helped him garner the attention of magazines around the world eager to publish his work.

The subjects of Berto Martinez' artwork are varied, they include director Paul Haggis, Russell Crowe, French R&B electropop singer, Stromae, Californication's David Duchovny, jazz musician Herbie Hancock, fashion legend Coco Chanel, the Office's Ricky Gervais, and indie-rock band Franz Ferdinand, just to name a few. His detailed illustrations have led him to publication in Premiere, V Magazine, Playboy, and even the official Barcelona Jazz Festival.

Berto Martinez shows the ability to deftly create visually arresting work that looks so accurate it could be a picture portrait. My favorite Berto Maritinez illustration is his Michael Jackson tribute. By capturing Michael wrapped in an American flag, he reminds us what a true American original MJ was, and skillfully illustrates the indomitable connection between the two.