Brukup is a Blend of Krumping and Afro-Japanese Expression

 - Mar 14, 2011
References: nytimes & nytimes
Brukup, also spelled Bruk up or Bruckup, is an underground dance form that combines the moves of many dance styles from several different countries. The dancer contorts into a series of moves reminiscent of a combination of mime, Thriller monster moves, raving and break dancing, krumping, and Jamaican dance hall. Another dance that Brukup incorporates is butoh, a Japanese modern dance form known as the dance of the dead. 

At this time Bruk is mainly practiced in Afro-Caribbean communities, but now that mainstream music videos and YouTube have been showing the dance, it is being appreciated by a larger audience. Bruk has fans as far as Australia and China through the help of online video. 

Pop culture also plays a role when choreographing the dance; references to movies such as "Lost Boys" and "Blade" have been used. Unlike other forms of street dance, dancers often wear costumes or use a few props to illustrate a theme. In the first gallery photo, dancer Drevon Washington (aka Dominus the Konqueror), sports fangs and a mask.