Ivan Tao Paints Subjects with Great Atmosphere to His Pieces

 - Dec 30, 2011
References: ivangod.deviantart & brok-lee.tumblr
Artists often worry so much about capturing the likeness of a subject when rendering portraits that they forget about creating an atmosphere for viewers, but that’s not the case with Ivan Tao. Every one of his creations, from his celebrity portraits to his video game illustrations, have great mood, which inspires discourse between viewer and painting more so than just depicting familiar faces. It's the mark of an artist who truly wants to communicate with his viewers rather than just show off his technical abilities.

Ivan Tao is a Malaysian artist who’s majorly influenced by the impressionism art period. It’s evident in his portraits of Natalie Portman and Hellboy as he uses quick brush strokes in order to approximate the likeness of the two without going into heavy refinement or detail. His penchant for wispy and flowing brush strokes also gives his pieces an ethereal dream-like quality.