From Minimalist Superhero Masks to Flirty Heroine Panties

 - Dec 31, 2012
Clark Kent may be a fictitious farm-boy from Smallville, Kansas, but his big-time superhero legacy has been carried on with these awesome Superman inspirations. From minimalist art to flirty underwear and vintage-styled tees, the Superman phenomenon has led to a variety of commercial successes in both the business and art worlds.

Superman, like fellow DC Comics superhero Batman, has led to major motion pictures and successful television spin-offs. After this summer's major releases of the latest Spiderman, the last Batman and the Avengers movies, the blockbuster successes of the superhero franchise have been widely apparent.

The iPhone cases, pyjamas and superhero social media spin-offs are simply a few of the modern inspirations that have resulted from the DC Comics Superman franchise. As one of the most successful comic characters in history, Superman has been a worldwide inspiration.