These Kerry Callen Parodies Would Be Super Embarrassing

These Kerry Callen Parodies take two clothes-tearing comic book heroes and imagine them in "super" embarrassing situations. The artist Kerry Callen is known for taking classic comics and providing them with a humorous twist, and these drawings are no exception. Callen re-envisions Superman and SuperWoman bursting out of their clothing only to find that they have made terribly human mistakes. It seems that just about everyone has a bad day on the job.

According to Callen, the idea for these drawings had been bouncing around, and thankfully the artist placed the pen to paper and created these parodies. The illustrations have been submitted to community-based t-shirt company, where the designs that are made are chosen by users. So, if fans of the Kerry Callen Parodies want to see this super design come into fruition, they better head to the site and vote.