This Ramon Pla 'Supercat' Illustration Makes Superman Look Like Super Dud

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: ramonpla & geektyrant
Even mighty heroes shall fall, as shown by this Ramon Pla 'Supercat' illustration. Okay, so maybe this image isn't canonical to any Superman story in existence, but it's still pretty hilarious to see Superman at the mercy of a cute, lovable kitten.

The Ramon Pla 'Supercat' drawing depicts the Man of Steel after he's rescued a kitten from a tree. Unfortunately for Superman, it looks as though he got into a tussle with the feline and his costume and face ended up with scratches. I like how Pla drew Superman's cowlick in such a demented Tim Burton-esque manner, but the truly funny part of this illustration is the expression on the displeased child tucked away in the background of the picture.

Implications - Consumers have become wary of omniscient depictions of pop icons. Adding a touch of humanity to invincible superheroes makes them much more relatable to the common citizen. Corporations should similarly seek to convey themselves as qualified, but still personable in order to evoke sympathy and stronger customer bonds.