Mike Alcantra Creates Artistic Superheroes With the Pages of Books

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: smashingpicture
By bringing together years of excellent drawings and exciting stories, Mike Alcantra truly pays tribute to unforgettable Marvel and DC superheroes. These large collages were made using the pages of old comics.

Alcantra collected thousands of images and vintage comic strips to create a series of decorative murals. From Batman to Superman, the subjects of these mind-blowing compositions were produced by using the mosaic technique. It's amazing how the artist arranges the images based on their colors and shapes to, for instance, create the Superman logo.

Comic books lovers will find the collages by Mike Alcantra a powerful homage to their favorite characters. Entertaining and well-executed, these artworks show why Marvel superheroes are hard to defeat, even after all so many decades.