René Mambembe Depicts Alphabet into Famous Characters

 - Apr 24, 2012
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René Mambembe evokes those memories of growing up with a super hero idol you hoped to one day embody. Whether it was Wonder Woman, Superman or Captain America, these heroes helped shaped many kids into good people.

French-based graphic designer and illustrator Mambembe created an entire alphabet list depicting each letter as a famous comic book character. From Alien to Marvel Studios characters, each letter meticulously includes each character's traits. The Helvetica font is simple and only enhances the characteristics because of its subtle design, which acts as a blank canvas.

Further down the alphabet, Mambembe includes other characters such as Oddjob from James Bond, Undertaker, Yoda, Terminator and more. The designs incorporate classic details from each character, which makes figuring out which is which more fun.