- Jul 5, 2013
Capturing a consumer's attention through a print ad or 30-second commercial is not an easy task, but these witty ad techniques are utilizing humor and sarcasm as a way to draw in new viewers.

While some marketers choose to go the simple route by showcasing a product as it is, consumers seem to remember ads more when it appears as if deeper thought was put into the process, and these witty ad campaigns will certainly make people laugh with their cleverly thought-out concepts. Adding a comical and sarcastic element to a campaign serves to interact and engage with viewers on a more imaginative level, allowing them to follow along and become more invested in the piece.

From carefree rum commercials to candid cellphone campaigns, these witty ad techniques will definitely put a smile on anyone who sees them.

From Witty Feminist Beer Ads to Laundered Granny Campaigns: