This Cruzan Rum Ad Reminds Adults to Slow Down and Take It All In

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: adweek
Cruzan Rum’s newest ad depicts a carefree island that takes part in low-stress activities including "sleep yoga" and "zero kilometer runs." The ‘Welcome to The Don’t Hurry’ commercial reminds viewers to slow down for a bit, to relax and to mix a tasty rum and coke.

The commercial deftly blends product placement and comedy. When the rum is delivered by an old tortoise and the island inhabitants are seen sleeping while doing yoga, viewers can’t help but smile at the ridiculous lives led by these fictional characters.

Cruzan Rum’s ad also features a great host who draws people into the commercial with his exotic accent and charismatic smile. Put all of these traits together and a hilarious yet effective commercial like Cruzan Rum’s is born.