Greg Guillemin Shows Vigilantes Protecting City Silhouettes

 - Feb 10, 2012
References: greg-guillemin & herochan
Seeing Batman’s silhouette perched atop a skyscraper and overlooking Gotham city isn’t a new sight, but Greg Guillemin has applied that concept to an array of superheroes and produced images of vigilantes traversing and protecting their respective cities. There’s more, however, as Guillemin has applied his signature minimalist style to his renderings and illustrated entire city blocks with nothing more than a collection of rectangles. It gets the point across and it makes Guillemin’s work stand out from his peers, so why put in additional effort in drawing unnecessary detail?

Among those featured in Greg Guillemin’s collection, which he entitled ‘Smooth Minimalism,’ are Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer and Hellboy. His depiction of Superman is most noteworthy as he’s literally comprised of a triangle, a circle and three other simple geometric shapes.