From Colossal Comic Collages to Geometric Avenger Art

 - Jun 14, 2013
Simplified superhero art reduces recognizable comic book characters down to the essentials. It is no surprise that these well-loved heroes are so easily identified just by color combinations, emblems, silhouettes and characteristics.

Although not all crime-fighters wear masks, the true identities of superheroes must be kept a secret from their foes. Because of this, other parts of these vigilantes become more prominent so that comic book readers and movie-watchers can still identify their characters. Recognizable components of super suits, like the electromagnet in Iron Man's, show that it isn't necessary to include a superhero's face to suggest their identity.

Minimal superhero art plays up some of the most identifiable elements of a superhero, like Superman's split-curl hairstyle and red cape, or the distinctive green coloring of the Incredible Hulk.